Michael Seyer is a singer, songwriter, & multi-instrumentalist who has a penchant for finding a song anywhere. Seyer's musical journey began in his teenage years when he taught himself how to play guitar & started writing & recording his own songs. He drew inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, blending pieces of indie rock, dream pop, & lo-fi, which contributed to his unique sound. Aided by melodic guitar riffs, groovy basslines, & an atmospheric backdrop, Seyer's music often reflects on themes of love, relationships, & personal introspection, infused with his distinctive blend of nostalgia & modernity. However, his musical exploration always finds grounding in songwriting with a sense of vulnerability & depth. In 2015, Seyer self-released, "Ugly Boy," which he recorded in his bedroom using a laptop & a few instruments. The album gained a cult following on Bandcamp & Soundcloud & over the years, Michael Seyer has continued to refine his signature sound. He released several more albums, including "Bad Bonez" (2018), "Nostalgia" (2019), & "A Good Fool" (2021), each displaying his evolution as a songwriter & musician. As he progresses in his artistry, Michael Seyer's musical journey promises to be one with many more compelling stories to tell through the intimacy of his music.

Michael Seyer