Hayes Carll & The Band of Heathens

“Hayes & The Heathens” does not mean Hayes Carll with “opening act” The Band of
Heathens or the other way around. It means ONE hellaciously talent-stacked band from
downbeat to encore, fronted by three acclaimed singer-songwriters (Carll and The
Heathens’ Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist), armed to the teeth with guitars, swagger, and
some of the most irresistible American rock ’n’ roll, folk, country, and soulful blues
anthems of the last two decades.
Far from coming out of nowhere, Hayes & The Heathens is a union born out of years
from mutual respect. Their respective award-winning careers have run parallel and
criss-crossed many times, most recently back in October of 2023, when Carll and The
Heathens shared a freewheeling family jam in Luckenbach, Texas.
“We had such a blast collaborating and playing together out in Luckenbach, that we
wanted to take this on the road and share it with more people,” says Quist.
Whether through combining their celebrated catalogs, writing and recording new
music, or reinterpreting their favorite musical works by others…There’s a whole lotta
roots-rocking funky coolness coming your way. The kind gets exponentially cooler
when two of the scrappiest and most respected acts to ever tumble out of Texas —
Hayes Carll and The Band of Heathens — join forces.
“We’ve played a lot of music together over the last 10 years,” says Carll, “and our
creative relationship continues to evolve into its own thing. Hayes & The Heathens is
that thing.”
“This sort of medicine show, revival, rock and roll circus is a unique presentation of our
music,” adds Jurdi. “I think anyone who loves the spontaneity and chemistry of a live
performance is going to be in for a magical evening. I know we’re going to have a good
And whether that magical good-time lasts for one quick fling or continues to evolve
into who knows what more down the road, this much is a given: The collective stomp
and holler of Hayes & The Heathens is gonna be righteous.