Spirit Mother Sun

“The vibe is vibe if you can vibe, like languid grunge blasted into outer space in the desert night.”

-The Obelisk

Vocals, Bass / Armand Lance

Violin, Vocals / SJ

Guitar / Sean McCormick

Drums / Landon Cisneros



MÔS is a strapping four piece from Nampa, Idaho. Whether it be in the studio or on stage, MÔS curates a psychadelic experience of high-desert rock through the tried and true combination of groovy bass, booming drums, powerful guitars, and soulfully strong vocals. After the release of their first studio album, “Assuming It’s The End,” MÔS has dug deeper into the fabric of Boise’s local music scene. Seeking out further establishment as a powerhouse band, each member explores and discovers, with one another, the possibilities and potentials of their musical ability. The horizons grow ever broader – MÔS invites anyone who cares to join on the voyage.

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Voidstrider, originally from Austin, TX, is a three-piece rock band composed of Clint Fischer (guitar, vocals), R.J. Fischer (drums), and Whitney Fischer (bass, vocals). Their sound, resonating late 70’s to early 80’s rock and metal, pairs crisp, prominent vocals with melodic guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, and rolling, driven drum fills.