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A rockin' Halloween Freak Party at Neurolux on October 31st with Marshall Poole, The Love Bunch, The Seatopians and The Simplots! + Liquid Light Show by Bleeding Torch Fellowship $10 tickets ($5 with costume 👻) on-sale now.
Love Bunch

The Love Bunch

The Love Bunch has been exciting audiences for over 45 years. That’s impressive, seeing as they’ve only been playing together since 2017. Skilled musicians? Not particularly, but they’ve been able to carve out a spot for themselves (albeit a small one) in a vast musical landscape through a combination of luck, lack of shame, and sheer nerve. By mixing together surf, punk, and garage, with a dabble of doo-wop and burger puns, The Love Bunch have managed to create something. Has it already been done before? Sure, and much better, too. Nevertheless, The Love Bunch are determined to persist in doing the thing they love until the day comes when they no longer want to.

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The Seatopians

Surf music from 50 kilometers below the ocean floor

The Simplots