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LATINAS MERCADITO feat. 20+ vendors, performances by @dolcedelavida @fridanightz @vera.holiday.burlesque and @tlecoatldanzaazteca dj sets @lobolara208, @caasiquee @peterlovera

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Sonido Gallo Negro


Lobo Lara

Lobo Lara invites you to a world filled with latin vibes and Cumbia rhythms with a new twist. With the release of his first album “Immigrants” featuring the single “PALETAS.” This single landed him a deal with Americano Label based out of Texas and a remix with Principe Q, son of A.B from the Kumbia Kings and nephew of Legendary Selena Quintanilla. Raised and rooted in Boise, Idaho, this latino artist/ producer spends his time cutting, pasting, sampling and composing world rhythms. His unique style is a collection of sounds that have impacted him throughout his life, using sounds from CUMBIA. I want the people to feel proud and not ashamed that we come from different cultures. Culture is something special that we get to pass on and I think doing it with my music is a perfect way to connect at another level, a level where racism doesn’t exist. Every day I see people choosing sides and we keep dividing each other, with these repercussions I push myself to release music that promotes UNITY.

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Ritmo Cascabel

After a wild night of cumbia dancing at a Denver club, Ritmo Cascabel was born in 2019. The band combines cumbia, western, and chicha sounds to create their own unique genre that would make you rock and roll yet dance at the same time.