Switch Full Lotus

switchfulllotus takes a visceral and cerebral dive into the unspeakable depths of human emotion, inspired by elements of punk, metal, and jazz music as well as themes of time and space to create a unique fusion of sound and energy that has been described as “a roundhouse kick to the face.” switchfulllotus seeks to push the boundaries of rock music to utmost highs and lows, and everywhere in between, to encapsulate a fully dynamic and powerfully emotional listening experience. established in 2020

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The Madcap Laughs

The Madcap Laughs are a jam band based out of Boise, Idaho. Founded in May of 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. They are inspired musically and philosophically by the counter culture of 1960’s America. They take inspiration from classic Jam bands like Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band, Etc, as well as funk acts of the 1970’s such as James Brown and Tower of Power.  Also from more modern acts like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Ween, and Built to Spill. The Madcap Laughs aim to be more than just a musical act, they aim to be a community and an experience that all are welcome to enjoy