The Stargazer Lilies Neurolux Boise
“Field and Cep channel the reverb-washed slo-mo of Slowdive and the sparkling ambiance of Air into a lush, guitar-swollen whole”. “Psych- Fuzz Epic” -Spin Magazine “What your so-called shoegaze is supposed to sound like. Indelible melodies and singing plus great guitar work”. -Brad Laner of Medicine “The Stargazer Lilies possess a truly widescreen, cinematic sound with crescendoes that build cascading waves of sound enveloping your whole body. The music is a bit darker than standard dream pop fare but that only makes it that much more mesmerizing.” “If you’re in the need of some serious new dream pop -and who isn’t- you can scarcely do better than The Stargazer Lilies.” -Pop Matters “Modern shoegaze often falls flat because it seems more occupied with getting the sound right and foregoing everything else; The Stargazer Lilies get the sound and the feel right and that makes their album much, much more than just revisiting the past”. -Tim Sendra/All Music Genres: Psychedelic, Dream Pop, Ambient Rock, Shoegaze Band Members: Kim Field, John Cep, Carissa Giard, Jake Stuart Discography: ‘We are the Dreamers’ (Graveface Records 2013) ‘Door to the Sun’ (Graveface Records 2016) ‘Lost’ (Graveface Records 2017) ‘Part Time Punks Live Session’ (Casa Del Puente Discos 2017) ‘Occabot’ (Rad Cult 2019) ‘Cosmic Tidal Wave’ (Floravinyl Records October 14, 2022)