Joy Again Shrine Basement Boise
“Inspiration is an egg laid by the mother goose named Destiny” -JFK. For Joy Again, inspiration indiscriminately bounces around like a superball. It ping-pongs between the Philadelphia band before it settles and crystallizes in one capriciously catchy bop after another. These six lo-fi alternative pop outliers—Sachi DiSerafino [vocals, guitar], Arthur Shea [vocals, guitar], Blaise O’Brien [keys], Zachary Tyndall [keys], Will Butera [drums], and Kieran Ferris[bass]—draw hooks and melodies from the most unexpected corners as they create without limitations or boundaries. Their music has become indie anthems for millions of listeners, and sparked creativity and new ideas for countless fans. Joy Again has cultivated a strong following across the country with over 2.8 million monthly listeners on spotify alone. Fans have created over 1 million tiktok videos using Joy Again songs, “Looking Out For You” charted at 13 on TikTok’s Top 200. The band has created their following in part by touring across the country with the likes of Wallows, Snail Mail, Rostam, and Metronomy to name a few. A strong core of fans have followed the band through several iterations, they have created a folk-lore like aura to the bands history and discography. The long short of Joy Again’s origin story is this: During ninth grade, Arthur reached out to Sachi on Facebook, “because he posted about Jimi Hendrix”. Blaise was another Facebook find (thanks Mark). Tyndall and Sachi worked at a coffee shop together. Kieran went to boarding school with Arthur and Sachi. Will and Arthur are 2nd cousins, which they both forgot about until meeting again through Kieran. After a summer and fall filled with writing and recording, the band is eager to show their new album to their fans and to the world. Each song is better than the next, and the song following it is twice as good, forming some sort of M.C. Escher-like musical journey.