Born and raised in the beautiful Mountain State of Colorado, Jakob Cambell is destined to take his place amongst today’s greatest Rap and Blues Musicians inspired by their own humble beginnings etched in pain and poverty. “The pain you’ve felt can not compare to the joy that’s coming,” says the everoptimistic Denver Rapper whose familial relationships are best described as complicated and are the very basis for his lyrical inspiration. Whether it’s’ substance abuse or verbal and physical violence, Jakob found himself very early on in his life dealing with these problems and his whirling feelings through writing lyrics. At an early age, his parents split – with his father leaving the family unit and his now-single mother having to carry the Family burdens in an already impoverished neighborhood. “My Mom is my whole world and my biggest inspiration for the positive path that I’m on now,” says Campbell. “My Dad also inspired me a lot but in a different way. He left us early on in my life and he taught me about Pain.” Acting as a testimonial of sorts, his earnest and raw lyrics are what first drew him to Rap Music. As a way to channel his simmering feelings of anger and frustrations by pouring his emotions over some melodic produced beats created an avenue of expression for him while attending Denver South High. Jakob soon began performing in front of crowds at school which pushed him “admittedly out of my comfort level” and forced him to learn the art of “connecting with strangers” through his Music and the Artiste emerged. Creating and writing original music has proved to be a winning outlet for Jakob as he has continued to focus on realizing his dreams while maintaining the role of breadwinner for the family. His perseverance paid off landing him a Manager and a coveted slot on stage in Chicago for a fledgling premiere Musical Competition Television series on Netflix entitled RHYTHM + FLOW. Designed to unearth the best of the underground Rap Game from all across America, Jakob aced his initial audition overseen by legendary artist Chance The Rapper (who guest judges alongside Cardi B and T.I. “Tip” Harris) and made a strong enough impression to last through the first half of Season 1 catapulting him into signing deals for representation with two of the majors: ICM Agency and ASCAP Publishing. With the show having come to a finale, the Music Industry is already paying attention to the Elite Graduates of this show with the critics already betting the show will yield several Rap Stars for the Future. Jakob is already gearing up for several performance dates this Winter and has released a few introductory EP’s entitled Louder Than Words and WHO AM I. As 2019 comes to its’ own sweet finale alongside the RHYTHM + FLOW Series, it is good to see that the World is just beginning to get a taste of the full potential of Jakob Campbell.