Hudson Powder Company Shrine Social Club Boise
Hudson Powder Company was formed in 2023, when our frontman Cooper Lowry returned home to the Treasure Valley after an extended period of time “roughing it” in Western Montana. Searching for a backing band, Mr. Lowry wisely recruited Alexis Galvan (drums; percussion), Ricky Jones (bass guitar; backing vocals), and Doug Rudeen (guitar). What do we sound like? Well imagine a goth rock band or a post-rock band had …carnal relations…with a country/americana/”red dirt” band, and their offspring somehow managed to create music that was actually ✨good✨. You might not expect this to happen in real life (that would be a reasonable expectation). However, this is the essence of what Hudson Powder Company is. I guess what we’re really trying to do is create a sort of sound that’s somehow uniquely Idahoan or unique to the Inland Northwest. We feel that there isn’t really a genre of music that’s endemic to this area and we’d like to try and change that in some way. Whether we do that or not doesn’t really matter, it’s interesting to try.