Born out of true friendship and an aptitude for healthy catharsis, Austin’s Hikes - anchored by the technical, emotive songwriting of Filipinx naturalist Nay Wilkins - honors the love found in tight communities. Lilt, the group’s most recent album recorded in Tokyo with Takaaki Mino (Toe), offers a wealth of interwoven guitar-work, dense lyricism, and a pulsing rhythm section. Recounting Wilkins nearly losing their dad, losing touch with nature, memories of a missing best friend, and everything in between, Lilt is experimental indie rock bursting with a humbled hopefulness. The album took the band to a world audience; selling out shows across Japan, Europe, and the U.S. With the original quartet reformed and the band sitting on a new LP, you can expect to see Hikes in one of its many forms coming to a city near you.