Delivery Boys Shrine Basement Boise
Meet “Delivery Boys,” Brooklyn’s waviest alternative rap group, established in 2015 by founding members Max Gertler and Goldwood. The duo, originally started as delivery boys for local delis, formed the collective fueled by their shared love for hip-hop and the vibrant cultural melting pot of New York. Daily gatherings, cyphers and shared music interests laid the groundwork for their initial recordings and releases. The collective expanded the following year with the addition of members YGB and LOSTBOYBK, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the Delivery Boys. Their debut project, “DI$NEY,” released by Goldwood and Max Gertler, marked their first significant step into the music scene. The group carried their momentum with the release of their single “Pissed Off,” featuring Rich the Kid, which became a massive hit, peaking at #2 on HotNewHipHop in August 2017 and garnering over 1 million streams across platforms. This track’s success catapulted them into the spotlight, earning them a place among Pigeons and Planes' best new artists (2017). In 2019, the group released a collaborative EP with Y2K titled "30 Minutes or Less," further showcasing their versatility and collaborative spirit. Their debut full- length album, "Tandem," arrived in 2020, featuring standout singles like "YGB Rapping All Fast" and "Batman." The journey continued with "DI$NEY 2" in 2021, followed by "Confused by Computers" in 2022, each project unveiling new layers to their sound and storytelling. Delivery Boys are celebrated for their electrifying live performances, they’re fearless genre experimentation, and their knack for innovation. Their music weaves together diverse styles into a cohesive sound, a testament to their creativity and close-knit bond. Through their work, they narrate the story of friends who have grown into a family, united by their passion for hip-hop, offering listeners a vibrant and exhilarating musical journey.