Born and raised in the heart of the Lonestar State, Cowgirl Clue is an artist, electronic producer, and singer songwriter best known for her eclectic, electronic music and esoterically-trendsetting visuals. Taking influence from her experience as an underground DJ in her teenage years; Clue mixes classic rave sounds stylized with country and pop elements, she often refers to her sound as “Y’allternative Music”. Cowgirl Clue’s earliest release, “Cherry Jubilee” showcases her creative soar of drum and bass meets sugary vocals. Her recent sophomore album, Rodeo Star released in August of 2023 dives deeper into her Southern roots with twangy grunge guitar tones and hard techno bass styles. Cowgirl Clue’s live performances are often considered mystical, highly energetic, and punk. Cowgirl Clue is a longtime asset and contributor to California based collective, Vada Vada. She ignites her ability to innovate rave/country/pop genres while articulating suburban-fantasy-nostalgia in a present day fashion. Her debut album in 2019, Icebreaker was an introduction to her bubbly sound that captured a niche, stylish audience. Cowgirl Clue has shared the stage with acts such as Crystal Castles, Sky Ferriera, The Garden, The Drums, Kero Kero Bonito, Dorian Electra and more.

Cowgirl Clue

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