Claire Glass Claire Glass is the solo project of Claire Puckett (of Hikes and Mother Falcon). This iteration highlights intricate classical guitar compositions overlaid with delicate vocals, with lyrical content prodding the deeper meanings of everyday wonders. Her newest release, “Dust”, explores themes of spiritual seeking after religion, alluding to Phillip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. It blends classical guitar with airy synths to create an ethereal, otherworldly feel. Adobo Adobo is the solo project of Filipinx naturalist Nay Mapalo (of Hikes); Adobo is a foray into patient, emotive songs that pull inspiration from pop composition and the intricacies of classical guitar technique. The carefully thought-out, live-looped instrumentation leaves space for intensely personal lyrics, a hallmark of Mapalo’s songwriting. Their newest EP ‘Backdrop’ is a collaboration with Austin’s The Kraken Quartet. It seamlessly blends Mapalo’s signature vocal style and subtle, yet complex guitar compositions with the layered marimbas and percussion that The Kraken Quartet is known for. Fans of Hikes will find a lot to love across five emotionally resonant tracks, as each spacious composition gently cascades through the folksy, the danceable, and the downright powerful.