Cdigi Treefort Music Hall Boise
An expert weaver of melodic house and uptempo electronic drive, Cdigi pushes each performance to the limits. Creating a palpable tension between artist and audience, they ask for an open mind as many become one within the structure of sound. Beginning as a concert photographer, Cdigi has a unique perspective on what a crowd looks for in a performance. They know how to tap into the intensity of the audience by mixing heavy-hitting breakdowns with a healthy dose of radiant, lively energy that grows and moves with the people on the other side of the deck. By creating an even playing field where up-and-coming artists battle it out with chart toppers in a frantic, pulsating dance, they craft sonic landscapes ready to be traversed at speed. Looking to experience the rush of the crowd? Ready to feel the stage lights in your eyes and the heat of the moment? You need Cdigi.