You’ve never seen a band like Buckets. The 4-piece indie rock outfit hailing from Los Angeles puts on an overwhelmingly energetic, yet emotional show. Tightroping between dynamic extremes from track-to-track, or even verse-to-verse, the quartet implements everything from saturated, soaring guitar riffs and heart-pumping fuzzy bass tones, to tender melodies and impassioned, unvarnished vocals. Buckets’ signature sonic style, unique blend of digital and analogue, and creative use of field recordings is evidenced on their upcoming EP ‘Good Luck, Bad Dog,’ out Summer 2023, mixed by Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, At The Drive-In, Bloc Party, etc.). The new record will be the band’s first new music since spending several years touring the United States and Mexico, and follows up their debut, self-titled album which dropped in early 2021.

Comprised of Tanner Houghton, Sasha Massey, Mitch Rossiter, and Hiram Sevilla, Buckets brings together both members and influences from the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Northern Mexico. All seasoned players from varying backgrounds and styles, the tight-knit ensemble bring a captivating take to the indie genre, and are sure to impress any and all onlookers.