Boss' Daughter have been know to have a little fun. Hailing from the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, NV, Boss' Daughter is Chris Fox (Guitar/Vocals/Trombone/Trumpet), Danny Paul (Bass/Vocals), and Jamie Locks (Drums/Vocals). Formed in 2014, Boss’ Daughter is one of the hardest working bands in the underground punk scene. They’ve played over 500 shows across seven countries, with major headlining and underground acts like Rise Against, Pennywise, PEARS, Bridge City Sinners, Bad Cop/Bad Cop and festivals like The FEST (Gainesville, FL), Pouzza Fest (Montreal, CAN), Rock The Glock Fest (Muinich, GER), and many more. Check #MaximumPartyTime for more party time. PRESS REVIEWS "Boss’ Daughter (out of Reno, Nevada) set out on a spring tour they humorously labeled “This Tour Is Hopefully Not Going To Get Canceled 2022.” Ironically, midway through, the band were forced to cancel the tour themselves after catching COVID." https://newnoisemagazine.com/interviews/interview-boss-daughter-talk-touring-new-album/ "Reno, Nevada punk band Boss’ Daughter recently announced a partnership with SBÄM Records who will release their second full-length album early 2023. I caught up with band members Chris Fox (guitar/ vocals/ brass instruments), Danny Paul (bass/ vocals) and Jamie Locks (drums/ vocals) this summer to learn more about the history of the band, their spring tour and future plans." https://thatsgoodenoughforme.com/30027/ "Die 16 Songs taumeln zwischen allen möglichen Genres hin und her, sei es Ska, Punk, Trash und Folk. Alles zumeist im hohen Tempo, um auch das letzte Tanzbein zum Schwingen zu bringen. Schon der Starter Never Alone zeigt schon, dass die Mucke der Band aus Reno nicht leicht zu klassifizieren ist. Melodisch und doch irgendwie rau. Auch das darauffolgende Photography hat alle, was man auf einer Punkrockparty braucht. Tempo, Melodie, Krach und Lärm. Und schon sind die ersten dreieinhalb Minuten um. Das bleibt aber nicht so, dass die Songs unter zwei Minuten sind." https://www.awayfromlife.com/boss-daughter-bouts-with-bummers-review-2023/ "Reno punk rockers Boss’ Daughter have announced that they are signing to SBÄM Records." https://thatsgoodenoughforme.com/29993/  “Bouts With Bummers” is fast, loud, angry punk." https://thisisreno.com/2022/01/entertainment-reno-bands-drop-new-releases-video/?fbclid=IwAR3b6pKwHrh9OfMIdMb8ClTAjZ_Es77lg6qRyF_QsrwO7Eqth9KBF-qhlQQ  "We then headed over to Palomino for Boss’ Daughter. I’m never sure what to classify this band as, and that’s just fine with me. They’re part punk, part horn, part crust, but none of these titles really touch on where they are as a whole. Either way, the pool hall filled to the point that people had to corral themselves in between tables to catch a glimpse of the band’s amazing set." https://thebadcopy.com/show-reviews/fest-17-day-1-in-gainesville-fl/  "When I saw Boss’ Daughter setting up, I knew they’d be able to stand their own and counter with back-to-back powerful performances. Banjo, trombone, and trumpet on top of guitar, and drums. Yeah, they did just fine. The Reno-based band plays the kind of songs which translate well to either a small basement show or a loud festival singalong. And how could you possibly top that set?" https://thebadcopy.com/show-reviews/la-escalera-fest-8-day-1-making-incredible-time-boss-daughter-more-in-san-diego-ca/ “Boss' Daughter’s sound is a high energy punk like a Menzingers meets Days N Daze.” - Every Show Joe 12/8/18 "The cassette slaps, plus I watched him(boyfriend) drink your fucking hot sauce like it was soda. He LOVED it." - Samantha Ramen 3/19/20 "Tonight's recommendation is by a band from Reno, Nevada that I really want to see at THE FEST in a few weeks. Boss' Daughter - Sleep was released in 2016. This EP is really awesome. Melodic punk rock with a lot of energy. I highly suggest you to check this one out if you haven't heard from them. If their next full lenght sounds similar to these 5 songs, it's going to be one hell of a record. Ma recommandation de ce soir est d'un groupe de Reno au Nevada que j'espère réussir à voir au Fest dans quelques semaines. Boss' Daughter - Sleep est sorti en 2016. Ce EP est vraiment bon. Du punk rock mélodique chargé d'énergie. Je vous suggère fortement l'écoute si vous ne connaissez pas ce groupe. Si leur prochain album sonne le moindrement comme ces 5 chansons, ça risque d'être de la grosse bombe. Enjoy!" - Guillaume Petrelli "From looking like they should be toting around their instruments in bindles, to mixing horns with banjo with punk with beer with basically whatever the fuck they want, I was in awe of how awesome they are." https://thebadcopy.com/features/fest-preview-kevin-eleven "Whether Fox merely feigns indifference to his music’s melodic, upbeat elements, or if he’s truly disinterested in labeling his sound, there’s no denying the catchiness of Boss’ Daughter’s songs." - Kent Irwin (Reno News And Review) https://www.newsreview.com/reno/content/a-different-breed/15531973/ 

Boss’ Daughter

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