Blankslate Shrine Boise

Blankslate was founded in 2018 by college roommates Em, Tess and Rylee after the trio transferred to the University of Denver from different schools. In the beginning, they practiced in a storage closet in the basement of their dorm and played small coffee shop and open mic gigs around DU before graduating to Denver’s club scene.

After releasing an EP, ‘{thursday},’ in 2020, Blankslate’s debut album, ‘Summer on a Salt Flat,’ was released with a sellout show at Goosetown Tavern on October 28, 2022.

‘Summer on a Salt Flat’s lead single, “Bell Station,” debuted on Indie 102.3 ahead of the album, and the band was named to the station’s Best of Local 303 list at the end of the year by listeners.

Blankslate will embark on the ‘Summer on a Salt Flat Tour’ beginning with a west coast run in summer 2023.

The driving principle behind Blankslate is transformation; a belief in the possibility to become. By culling elements of disparate influences ranging from folk to grunge to classic rock, the band crafted a sound that is uniquely their own and serves as the tapestry upon which referential, diaristic lyrics and stories are interwoven.