Bev Rage & the Drinks are a loud, fast, and brash queer garage-pop band from Chicago. Fronted by guitarist Beverly Rage, a 7- foot tall drag queen with hair and heels, the band is known for their colorful live shows of all original music. The long awaited sophomore LP “Exes & Hexes” on What’s For Breakfast? Records was released on August 13th, 2022. Recorded and produced by Brian Fox at Altered States, the album is a departure from their prior lo-fi recordings. The album is bigger, louder, and more complex with Bev and Sam Westerling (bass, vocals) welcoming new members Mary Rose Gonzales (drums) and Dan Jarvis (lead guitar) into the lineup in 2019. The new album includes more mature tracks exploring the intricacies of mental health from a queer perspective (“Machines Get Cleaned” & “Confident”) with the fun tongue in cheek songs (“Perfect Guy” & “Hollywood Beach”) that Bev is known for are still peppered in.