Aterrima Treefort Music Hall Boise

Founded in 2017 and drawing influence from the likes of Gorguts to Coltrane to George Crumb to Ulver, Aterrima seeks to provide honest commentary on the relationship between humanity and the natural world. The Boise, Idaho-based 3-piece uses storytelling and extreme metal to explore the feelings of reverence and inspiration that nature can provide, as well as the bitter acceptance of bleak realities about the natural world. This manifests in a fraught musical experience, as passages of calculated chaos, cerebral eccentricity and consonant serenity intertwine to create Aterrima's distinctive sound.

Aterrima's debut single, "The Hexagon" tells the story of a devoted colony of bees after the death of their queen. The workers, unable to comprehend that their leader has left them, go about their usual tasks with the best of intentions.

Throughout the song, Aterrima's driving, dissonant musical stylings elicit the bees' frantic, futile buzzing and misplaced devotion. But in the end, their efforts are not enough, and they die, isolated, without aid from their lifeless creator.