From melodic and harmonious piano tracks to hard hitting dominant guitars, AsFireFalls is definitely a band you want to listen to and don't want to miss live. AsFireFalls’ single “World In Grey" has appeared in the TOP 30 Christian Rock Charts on Billboard, gaining them quick popularity in the Christian Rock scene. Recently, their radio single "Branson The Bear" entered the charts at number 6 in the Billboard TOP 30 for Christian Rock. AsFireFalls enjoys big festivals, touring and has much experience on bigger stages. A running list of bands they have shared the stage with include Marianas Trench, I, Prevail, Wage War, Shamans Harvest, The Nixon Rodeo, Project 86, Emery, Family Force 5, Thousand Foot Krutch, Switchfoot, Falling Up, Everyday Sunday, Nine Lashes, Seventh Day Slumber, Ilia, Hawk Nelson, Audio Adrenaline, RED, and many more. Some of the larger shows AsFireFalls has played includes Warped Tour 2015, Boise Music Festival and JoshuaFest on the Air1 Main Stage, 2014- 2018 and Creation Fest 2015/2016/2017, along with many other shows in the West. FIRST LP COMING SOON. Check out the social media links!