Amoeba Arena Shrine Social Club Boise
Amoeba Arena brings a fresh energy to the indie scene with their unique blend of twinkly guitar riffs, jazzy chords, and catchy emo hooks. Born from a year of passionate garage songwriting fueled by PBR and American Spirits, the math rock/midwest emo quartet—Grant Meister, Jeremiah Jensen, Brayden Vilendrer, and Colin Singh—emerged through sessions at The Boise Hive. Their independently recorded debut EP showcases a commitment to DIY ethos, capturing the spirit of bands like Joyce Manor, Glocca Morra, and Algernon Cadwallader. A standout performance at Realms Arcade alongside "Awakebutstillinbed" and the buzz around their EP "Absolutely" solidify Amoeba Arena's place as a local favorite, marking a dynamic presence in Boise's indie music landscape