Aaron Veal Shrine Basement Boise
After refining his craft in back alley cyphers and underground circles for nearly 10 years, Brooklyn’s own Aaron Veal started releasing music at the end of 2022. Defined by his Innate lyrical ability, mesmerizing metaphors, and ear for choosing the right production to bless with his benevolent bars, the possibilities are exponential, and unforeseeable when he assembles a record. A true student of music, his background as a metal and jazz drummer awards him the flexibility to impart many different flows to his records, and even occasionally rap in odd time signatures. His debut single “Pagliacci” marked the beginning of a new era of his music including a much more personal touch, and a concentrated attention to detail. He followed it up with similar singles “Benefactor” and “Celleno” the latter being a collaborative effort with Producer SpookyStack that they created while on vacation in the Italian countryside. There’s no telling what’s on the horizon for this talented young emcee, but rest assured knowing that whatever comes next will be relentlessly locked in.