Formed in 2019 by Carter Sears, Sunfish pulls no punches with their gritty and outlandish alternative music. Cutting their teeth touring the US and Canada. with 100’s of DIY shows, they have caught the attention of many, touring with band such as Dead Poet Society, Friday Pilots Club, and Arlie. The group released their first Mixtape of singles over the pandemic, and the 9 song project took them from local band, to selling out shows in the span of only a year, before Carter graduated from high school. With the gained notoriety, the band also opened for Badflower, IDK how, and many more at home.

After touring nonstop and releasing numerous singles with producers Nate Pyfer, Tyler Harris, Nate Hussey and more between 2021 and 2023, the band took a break to record their upcoming EP, Sunfish is NotaCult (releasing May 31st) which is their first full length project. Recorded with Clayton Blue (of extortionist), shows the bands newfound maturity in writing, and drive to make more full length project.