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Monsterwatch has been grabbing the attention of the punk scene since 2018. Formed in Seattle in 2017 by frontman John Spinney, he later met bassist Ben Parker and drummer David Cubine when he made the move from New Hampshire to Seattle to form the band. Monsterwatch is best known for their extremely energetic live shows. Unleashing friendly chaos into their crowds and bringing melodic riffs that pack a lot of heavy alongside Spinney’s catchy yet sarcastic vocal style. You just have to check it out for yourself.

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Spoon Benders

Spoon Benders are an up-and-coming garage-psych punk band, hailing from Portland, OR. Katie Wise from Rag Tag Magazine calls them, “one of the most undaunted and progressive bands within city limits.” The band forged their sound and debut album, Dura Mater, in the studio and on the stage in 2019 before the COVID-19 shutdown. Inspired by bands such as GøGGS, the Pleasure Seekers, Black Sabbath, Thee Oh Sees, and the Stooges, the Spoon Benders create a diverse and highly dynamic sound that promises to hold your undivided attention.

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Dirt Russell

“Dirt Russell is what happens when a snarling werewolf and a time-traveling resistance fighter from the age of The Great A.I. Uprising have a meetcute in a ghost town under a full moon. This high desert, post punk duo is a combination of Ryan Hondo’s fuzzed-out, savage riffs and Angela Heileson’s merciless, dynamic rhythm. Their battle cry is a fed-up and sometimes sarcastic indictment of modern society’s shortcomings and both Ryan’s wailing lead vocals and Angela’s steely supporting vocals deliver it with ferocity.”

– Dusty Aunan

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Drop of Honey

Drop of Honey takes a visceral and cerebral dive into the unspeakable depths of human emotion, inspired by elements of punk, metal, and jazz music as well as themes of time and space to create a unique fusion of sound and energy that has been described as “a roundhouse kick to the face.” Drop of Honey seeks to push the boundaries of rock music to utmost highs and lows, and everywhere in between, to encapsulate a fully dynamic and powerfully emotional listening experience. established in 2020