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McKenna grew up in Snoqualmie WA, where her love for music began, performing in talent shows, at coffee shops and restaurant around the greater Seattle area. Throughout her career she has called both Austin, TX and Boise, ID (where she currently resides) home.

Her vocal style is heavily influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Amy Winehouse. The roots of her music have soul and funk influences mixed into a nice cocktail of pop/modern rock. With songs ranging from “cry in the bathtub w/ a pint of Ben & Jerry’s” to “10 lb’s of sass in a 5 lb bag” she is guaranteed to keep her music vulnerable, fun & keep you on your toes.


Moon Owl’s Mages

Moon Owl’s Mages is a 5 piece psych/ garage rock band from Boise, Idaho. Forming as Jack Ball’s backing band in 2019, the group took a liking to playing covers by artists like OSEES, Tame Impala, King Gizzard, Ty Segall, Coachwhips and other psych outfits. After several shows around town, they decided to accept a new quest; forming Moon Owl’s Mages. First act of business was to write, record, mix and master an album in two week’s time. Birthing their first album, “Skelly Bones and the Flaming Crown”, a concept record about a skeleton and his nemesis. After a hiatus due to COVID, Moon Owl’s Mages are back in business baby! “Kill The Crackle” was released in September of ‘22 and the band describes it as dog beats, psychobilly space prog, Floyd-funk, spooky tunes, biting music and more! So if you like any of those, you might like them!

The Plastic Cherries

The Plastic Cherries

The Plastic Cherries began as a home recording project between couple Joseph and Shelby Maddock, making songs on old tape machines that betray an affection for glam, soft rock, shoegaze, Elliott Smith, and their dog. The first iteration of their homemade pop innocence, the album Sunshine, combines the fun and experimentation of 70’s glam rock with a dreamy DIY approach. Together with bandmates Wayne Burdick (drums), Stephen Cox (bass), and Natalie Hamilton (keyboards), they can be found performing regularly in the Salt Lake City area with periodic tours of the Western US.