“Musical YouTuber Value Select of the Musical YouTube Channel “Value Select” (197k+ Subscribers) has done it again!“ - Stephen Spielberg (in reference to me using his name out of context) Also, yeah, we got a BRAND NEW SHOW! AND WE’RE TAKING IT ON THE ROAD! Come see the legendary TRUE STORY turned THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE “Value Select Kills the Moon” live in concert! It’s all the BEST VALUE SELECT SONGS, woven together via a FANTASTICAL NARRATIVE! With a FULL BAND, an ACTING TROUPE, and the MAN HIMSELF, it’s an ASCENDANT NIGHT of COMEDY SPLENDOR you can’t afford to miss! The show hath been written for ALL AGES to enjoy (bring your step-dad!) BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! British Funk Sensation JAZZ EMU, is joining forces with us on the tour, opening EVERY SINGLE SHOW we play! It’s a GREAT DEAL! And the tickets are SELLING FAST! (Times running out! Hurry up!) See you there <3 - Max Renner

Value Select

Jazz Emu