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Floating Witch’s Head, Chief Broom, Trauma Kit, Porcelain Tongue, Rat Champion, Bone Haus, Cigs Inside, Rodeo Screams, Bailey Allen Baker, xox, Dirt Russell

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Floating Witch’s Head

Floating Witch’s Head is a new Boise-based project concocted by Travis Ward (guitars & vocals) with Michael Mitchell (drums & percussion) and Eric Gilbert (keyboards & head shakes). RIYL: garage, psych, swamp, proto-punk, acid rock, beards, hot peppers, pickles, parties, nice people

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Trauma Kit

Boise noise-punk exhibitionists Max Ball, Mason Waters, Shadrach Tuck and Dustin White.

Trauma Kit is a local experimental punk band. Their debut album “Train Wrecks Take Time” is set to release on 2/23/24.

Porcelain Tongue


Rat Champion

Formed on New Year’s Day 2019, Rat Champion is very much a band born out of hangovers. Playing a mixture of punk and shoegaze, the project serves as the vehicle for three friends to get together and shake off any blues and their physical ailments by playing loud, short sets with the humor and humility that comes from getting older. Rat Champion is bassist and vocalist Jennelle Finkbeiner, drummer Jake Little, and guitarist Jimmy Finkbeiner.

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Bone Haus

Bone Haus delivers a sound and DIY vibe that is largely missing in the modern pantheon of rock music. Drawing influence from 60’s style garage-blues, minimalist post-punk, and desert rock psychedelia, the group has garnered a growing fan base that embraces their diverse and innovative approach to songwriting coupled with compelling lyricism and driving rhythms.

Cigs Inside

Cigs Inside

CIGS INSIDE is an experimental hip-hop trio (ieke, Coleman, Sstrawberry) explores the trials and tribulations of extending oneself and the feelings that can come with it. The trio combines electro-pop and hip-hop with breakcore and R&B by blending modern production and analog instrumentation with an affinity for modern rap music and 80’s alternative. Sorting through deep emotions while navigating the intensity of mania, CIGS INSIDE faces the realities of living recklessly and the insecurities of the aftermath on “BlickyBlam”.