TsuShiMaMiRe are a legendary Japanese rock trio formed in 1999 featuring Mari (vocals, guitar), Yayoi (bass, bv), and Maiko (drums, bv). These girls have captivated audiences around the world for over 23 years, spanning thousands of live performances, 15 US tours, and 20 full length releases. Among many other achievements, their music has been featured on TV, film, animation, and video games. TsuShiMaMiRe’s musical style ranges from hardcore noise to introspective indie rock, with traces of heavy funk disco and pop sentimentality. Mari’s quirky lyrics question social conventions and the anxieties of everyday life, rebellion, and love. Her vocals excel in melodic expressivity, ranging from child-like wonder to tragic despair. Yayoi’s groove is like that of a vengeful banshee in the throes of passion, suddenly pivoting from the stoic determination of a samurai in battle to the elegance and light-heartedness of a Japanese house cat. Meanwhile drummer Maiko locks down a constant punk backdrop, rallying the front pair but keeping them from toppling over the edge into insanity. The ferocity of these three warrior princesses culminates in a live show that is simultaneously upliftingly theatrical and brutally honest. TsuShiMaMiRe are certain to delight heavy rock fans and all lovers of Japanese indie subculture!