True Loves
Listening to the abundant sounds of the Seattle-based funk & soul group, True Loves, is like walking down a favorite neighborhood street, slapping five with friends, checking up with clerks in their stores, and smelling the familiar scents of your most cherished locale. The band is its own block party.

‌What began in 2014 as a jam session between three of the city’s best – pocket-perfect drummer David McGraw, intoxicating bassist Bryant Moore, and otherworldly guitarist Jimmy James – has since blossomed into a global force that features percussionist Iván Galvez, trombonist Greg Kramer, and saxophonists Gordon Brown and Skerik. Together, the group’s live performances have garnered them much acclaim and millions of streams on YouTube.

‌In 2017, True Loves recorded their debut instrumental LP, Famous Last Words, which received worldwide adoration. In 2021, the group signed to Color Red Music and released their sophomore album, Sunday Afternoon.


The Kindness

Unintentionally sequestered away from the withering influence of popular music culture, The Kindness have managed to remain beautifully un-homogenized. Hailing from the wilds of Idaho, they’ve found themselves raising a musical middle finger to the snobbery that would reflexively write off any music such wilds might produce. Choosing instead to nurture their idiosyncrasies as songwriters and college professors they remain strangers in a strange land, performing arty yet relatable quasi-jazz originals in a state made famous for its potato farming.