Tropa Magica Credit Oscar Celis @firstclassstudiosla

“Invigorating”, “brilliant”, and “charismatic” are just a slew of the adjectives used to
describe Tropa Magica. “The East L.A. duo made a name for themselves by combining
alternative, grunge, and psychedelic rock with cumbia” -Spin magazine.

Having toured nationally and on multiple southwest and west coast tours, they have supported
established acts such as Bomba Estereo, Molotov, and comedian Felipe Esparza. The band has
boldly and successfully taken on larger LA stages at venues such as The Microsoft Theater, El
Rey Theater and The Hollywood Palladium.

In 2018 and 2019 Tropa Magica performed at So-Cal festival favorites Desert Daze and
Tropicalia. At the end of 2019 the band self released a limited edition 7inch vinyl EP “Smells
Like Cumbia” featuring Nirvana songs as cumbia renditions.

Despite the pandemic, 2020 has been a fruitful year for the band. They wrote and recorded the
theme song for comedian Felipe Esparza’s new Netflix special and collaborated with the
notorious Foo’s Gone Wild on the “Foo Files Cumbia” track released earlier this year. The band
has partnered up as ambassadors with 805/Firestone Beer and is sponsored by Fender guitars
and Ernie Ball.

Their sophomore LP “Tripiando Al Infinito En Mi Recamara” has garnished appraisal by music

“…the psychedelic cumbia-punk that David and Rene Pacheco have pieced together over a
decade as Tropa Magica has coalesced into something sublime on their sophomore album”
-Grimy Goods

“they’ve spread their wings sonically while losing none of the charisma that made them a hot
item at festivals…Tropa Magica’s new album, while born in East L.A., will truly be a child of the
-Buzzbands LA

(To learn a bit more) Tropa Magica has a short documentary that introduces the band nationally
on the well known media and news company “BESE”.


Lloyd and Saviour

Saviour is the Robot drum machine extraordinaire. Lloyd plays guitar, shouts, and sings. Together they are Lloyd and Saviour. Lofi rock and roll.

Love Bunch

The Love Bunch

The Love Bunch has been exciting audiences for over 45 years. That’s impressive, seeing as they’ve only been playing together since 2017. Skilled musicians? Not particularly, but they’ve been able to carve out a spot for themselves (albeit a small one) in a vast musical landscape through a combination of luck, lack of shame, and sheer nerve. By mixing together surf, punk, and garage, with a dabble of doo-wop and burger puns, The Love Bunch have managed to create something. Has it already been done before? Sure, and much better, too. Nevertheless, The Love Bunch are determined to persist in doing the thing they love until the day comes when they no longer want to.

Loba Lara

Latino producer/artist Lobo Lara invites you to a world filled with tropical synth leads and Latin vibes with the release of his new album “Immigrants” featuring the hit song “PALETAS.” Raised and rooted in Boise, Idaho, the producer spends his time cutting samples and recording his own rhythms to please his taste and unique style. This is a collection of sounds that have impacted Lobo throughout his life as a Mexican American.