The Pink Sky

Pink Sky is the electronic band and collaborative art project led by husband and wife artists, Ryan and Angelica Hay. A concept-driven group, Pink Sky creates emotional electronica & art-rock for turbulent times. Their performances include live drums and visual projections, and their unique blend of electronica and indie music resonates equally in clubs, galleries, and non-traditional public spaces.

When Ryan and Angelica Hay first formed Pink Sky, they were just trying to escape the orbit of their traumas. Neither one of them thought that, at the tail end of their twenties, they’d only just begin to make music together. Now, Ryan and Angelica are caught in an infinite loop of love, of life after life, and Pink Sky is the ongoing documentation of their realization, captured in real-time since their debut album FORMS, which began to be recorded the moment that they started making music together. Then in the summer of 2018, the band recorded Meditations I and II. The experimental sister albums were the result of a week of exploration and improvisation, and several hours of recordings distilled into two albums. Those marked a conceptual turning point for the band, as they began to reflect on the world around them.

Following the release of Meditations I and II, the band spent the next two years in the studio focusing on their craft, as well as writing, producing, and expanding their musical arsenal to include software, instruments, and other capabilities. By the end of 2020, Ryan and Angelica began recording lyrical material for what would become Total Devotion, their 4th album.

The band’s extensive catalog reflects their path towards healing and the many deaths and rebirths that happened along the way, and Pink Sky’s latest album Total Devotion, sees the L.A.-based duo emerging from the rubble, turning their reflections inward. Building on the foundation they previously established via synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and piano, they now add live instrumentation and gut-punching vocals to the mix for the first time. No longer instrumental or simply electronic, Pink Sky is the most “themselves” they’ve ever been.

Total Devotion is the story of all their love, all their dreams, all the times it all fell apart, and all the times they put it back together.


The French Tips

When Rachel Couch, Angela Heileson and Ivy Merrell started The French Tips at the end of 2016, their goal was to learn a few covers to channel their femme fueled rage. What followed was their debut record of crunchy garage rock bangers It’s The Tips. After taking off 2020 to focus on existential angst, they returned to the studio in January. Set to release in 2022, their sophomore album All The Rage carries the torch of dance infused hella riffs that propelled their first record to moderate regional esteem.

Trippy Hearts Three 11 13 21 Orig

Trippy Hearts

Hailing from Boise, Idaho, this moody trio weaves haunting melodies with soft/loud dynamics in their unique “spacious, noir-like” ethereal rock. Their music has been described as “hypnotic, entrancing” with moments of “pure fury.” They are Jenn Sutkowski on Rhodes, keys, and vocals; Brent Heiner on guitar and harmonies; and Stephen Samuelson on drums. Get swept away by their mesmerizing soundscapes.