The Macks

“All the identity and none of the crisis! The Macks are in their own pocket. Your DIY wet dream
are hardened road warriors and goblins of their basement studio.
A Macks set is a sonic-fucking-circus. Virile and award-winning like a show horse, they are
turning heads around the country and internationally through the airwaves and their touring
The Macks are brothers Josef and Ben Windheim, Sam Fulwiler, Jacob Michael Perris, and
Aidan Harrison. In 2022, the band came out with their lockdown project “Rabbit”, a raw and
progressive take on rock and roll that launched them towards festivals and tours from Idaho to
Mexico City. And just months later, the band followed it up with “Dajiban”, building on the
creative successes of Rabbit and driving the band into more expansive, catchy, gnarly, and
unmistakably “Macks” territory. Now, the band is sharpening their edges as they prepare to
launch a new record in 2024 – pungent, pointed, and powerful, the upcoming release contains
the band’s most realized work to date. With a lineup that has the group firing on all cylinders
both live and in the studio, “Portland’s Best New Band” (Willamette Week) has folks tuning in
and spelling it right.”



MANDIAS demands attention. This alternative rock/ post punk group is an expression and exploration on what it means to have an ego. Why do we view ourselves as “better”? How do we interact with ourselves? What does it really mean to be narcissistic? “Look at my works ye mighty and despair”

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Trashy budget-garage rock & rollers from beautimous Boise spreading deep fried psych-rock boogie tinged dirty music since the eve of 2018. Energetic, noisy, ragin’ rippin’ rough, raw, ready, ridiculous, and righteous – Papas has become obsessed with taking it easy, wasting time, buffalos, and creating enjoyable audible confusion.