The Lords of Altamont bring forth raw rock and roll fury birthed from the ultimate end to the era of peace and love. What was billed to be the “Woodstock of the West “, the infamous Altamont Free concert on December 6th, 1969 was highlighted instead by heavy drugs , motorcycle chains and brass knuckles and later punctuated with shoving matches and fist fights. This palpable sense of bawdy foreboding resulted in four births, four deaths and extensive property damage. While the hippies had been grooving and mellowing out in the Bay Area, the forefathers of the Lords of Altamont were playing high energy rhythms in the beer soaked venues of Detroit and the dingy clubs along LA’s Sunset Strip. Mid-60s London RnB shares equal space with the scruffy 70s NYC Bowery among the influences of The Lords also. They take their other cues from kids banging out primitive riffs on cheap guitars all across the USA in garages alongside chopped bikes and American v-8 muscle, lingering exhaust fumes mixing with sweat to conjure the rare elixir of real rock n roll. The story of the band who would come to be known as The Lords of Altamont gets a proper start in late 1999. A son of Southern California and a veteran of the SoCal music scene, Jake Cavaliere – with numerous bands and projects from garage to punk dating back to the late 80s under his belt – enlisted fellow motorcycle rider and bandmate of the instro/surf sensation The Bomboras, Johnny DeVilla. Besides holding their first show at the legendary venue The Garage in Hollywood, high points include touring as the support act for their primitive rock n roll idols The Cramps, infamous rock gods The Who as well as counting the late Michael Davis of the MC5 as a past member. Through personnel changes featuring an incredible roster of talent, and various adventures over the past 23+ years, The Lords of Altamont continue to evolve their sound while staying true to their roots. Jake Cavaliere , along with his assemblage of gritty and talented personalities, continues to captivate audiences with unparalleled hard driven performances the world over.

Tigers On Opium

Tigers on Opium

Tigers On Opium is a hard rock band based out of Portland, OR.
The quartet consists of members Juan Carlos Caceres, Nate Wright, Charles Hodge, and Jeanot Lewis-Rolland.

They have toured extensively throughout the Western United States having played more than 60 shows on the road in the last year, playing with a wide range of acts such as: Zeke, Pike vs the Automaton, Hippie Death Cult, Cairo Knife Fight, Spirit Mother, Mickey Avalon, Jared James Nichols, 16, Kadabra, Wizzerd, Ealdor Bealu, Witch Ripper, Sorcia, Twin Void, Salem’s Bend and many more.

Critics have frequently compared the band’s sound to heavy hitters such as Queens of the Stone Age, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Electric Wizard, Torche, Alice in Chains and Refused – and like these bands, Tigers shares a hunger for the exploration of new ideas, while simultaneously staying rooted in what makes all this music timeless… THE RIFF! The result is a dark and dirty psychedelic fuzz that leaves the typical genre conventions in an insalubrious haze.

The band has released two EP’s and it’s now ready to release the debut album on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Talon Smartt

Talon Smartt

Talon Smartt — the Boise-based alt-rock group that describes itself as a having a “fuzzy, trashy and flashy sound” with Bennett Huhn, Gabe Perez, Nick Learned, & Talon S.