The Droptines

The Droptines are an alternative country band born in Concan, Texas. Established in 2019 by frontman/songwriter/musician, Conner Arthur, also known as “The King of Concan”. This band puts in the work taking none of the traditional or convenient routes when crafting songs.

Blending a multitude of genres, while tethering each song together with a specific vernacular native to the Texas Hill Country, results in a broad range of authentic, versatile melodies.
Add Conner’s rich voice and layered lyrics, and you have storytelling at its finest. From biblical themes, raunchy truths, and primitive questions to one’s existence, it is clear, Shakespeare has made his way to the trailer park.

From the hard-hitting anthem “New Girl” to the heart wrenching melody “As Your Heart Breaks” to the opulent masterpiece “Raining Where You Are”, combined with an down to earth yet captivating stage presence, this band takes you on quite the ride.

“Once every decade or so someone comes along, takes the bar and sets it way higher than any of us could dream of. Conner is the new gold standard of songwriting. He’s witty, visceral and ties it all up with an unshakable knack for melody. It’s an honor to be alive at the same time as this generational talent.”
-David Beck

“Conner‘s ability to write songs that meld raw emotion with detailed imagery is something I feel only few songwriters have. His songs make you think long after you’ve stopped listening, and the characters he writes about live in your mind forever.”
-William Beckmann

What is a Droptine you might ask? It’s a rare downward pointing antler found on a white tail deer, the one to watch for, and a nod to the environment and upbringing of the group.

The Droptines are:
Conner Arthur, front man
Dillon Sampson, bass
Hayden Kruger, lead guitar
Johnny Sheets, drums

These guys have enjoyed sharing a stage with many popular artists including Red Shahan, Jamestown Revival and Zach Bryan.

They have recorded 1 full length album, 3 EP’s and multiple singles that can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

Visit thedroptines.com for up-to-date info, tour dates, booking information, merchandise and more.


Ryan Curtis LG 91 (1)

Ryan Curtis

Over the last decade, Ryan Curtis has continued to carve out a name for himself in the world of Alt-Country and Americana music. His unique blend of old school honky tonk and high desert country blues plays like a love letter to the past, bucking the slick sheen and tired cliches of today’s pop country radio in favor of traditional, songwriter-driven roots music. Ryan’s songs are usually about life’s harder-learned lessons, painting cinematic pictures of picaresque anti-heroes from the Midwest to the Rockies; down-and-out townies, bar room drifters, forlorn lovers, and resilient loners fill his visionary tales and mournful subject matter he turns into country gold.

His first solo record, 2021’s Rust Belt Broken Heart was woven together with a western noir sound soaked in the sorrowful twang of pedal steel. His latest Ain’t Ever Easy, (released in July on American Standard Time) builds on that, but with a more guitar-forward sound, mixing in early 70’s rock n’ roll, (a’ la Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street era Rolling Stones), alongside classic 60’s country and honky tonk. The gravelly voice of the Michigan-born, Boise-based singer has been praised on KEXP and earned acclaim from the likes of No Depression and Saving Country Music. You can catch Ryan and his band out on the road week in and week out bringing the heat to the dives and haunts of the great American West and beyond.

Small Paul

Small Paul

Sunshine and storm clouds converge at the core of Seattle’s harmony-heavy, Folky Rock and Roll band Small Paul. Musically, Small Paul is a 4 headed collaborative effort that began fortuitously during the pandemic as a fusion of 4 musicians living in the same pod. While originally bonding over the shared love of Wings, NRBQ sounding records and singing harmony together late into the night, Small Paul became an outlet and excuse to reckon and engage with each individual’s own past and present struggles and to use music as an outlet to create light out of dark days. Their debut album reflects themes of rebirth and renewal, and pulling oneself into the light. While songs like, “A Midnight Sun”, “Miner for a Dream”, “Live Along” reflect hope for better days today and ahead — “Some Love”, “I Don’t Wanna Die”, and “Sinkin’ like a Stone (acoustic)” are opportunities to reflect on the past and grow, and let go. Then there are lighter upbeat songs like “Laugh it Off” and “Amber Light”, which are reminders to not take yourself so seriously all the time. Furthermore, a reminder to try and have a healthy acceptance and perception of the unpredictability of life. Come Alive & Live Again is the debut album from Small Paul. Produced by Erik Blood (Shabazz palaces, Tacocat, Moondoggies) in the fall of 2022. This is an album that sounds best on a long drive over the mountains or to the ocean. Born in and raised Seattleite Kevin Murphy (leader of The Moondoggies) shares drumming and guitar duties with California’s born and raised Chris King (leader of the Chris King & The Gutterballs). Chris brings bandmate and collaborator Malcolm Roberts into the fold on bass guitar and harmony and Seth McDonald to fill it out on keyboard and harmony (member of hip-hop band All Star Opera). These different perspectives all pulled together create the vibe that is Small Paul.