The Blank Tapes
The Blank Tapes is the moniker of California based, multi-instrumentalist, producer and prolific songwriter Matt Adams, who has released over 20 albums (350 songs!) to his credit. Inspired by British Invasion bands like the Kinks & Beatles along with the American rock groups of the 60’s and 70’s such as Creedence & The Doors, The Blank Tapes have adapted these sounds into a groovy, surfy, Summer soup peppered with some old country and soul music. Along with his infectious melodies, Matt’s lyrics are just as key as his famous improvisational guitar playing. From Brazil and Europe, to Japan and all across the United States and Canada, The Blank Tapes have been touring internationally since 2003.
With current and past band members including Will Halsey (Sugar Candy Mountain, Papercuts), Jason Cirimele (Guantanamo Baywatch, Dust Collector), Pearl Charles, Shaughnessy Starr (Frankie & The Witch Fingers, Hoover III), Veronica Bianqui, Sean Olmstead (FpodBpod), Indianna Hale and many many others. Aside from playing bass in Sugar Candy Mountain and producing Pearl Charles debut, Matt is also a full time illustrator for the likes of the Grateful Dead, FolkYeah Presents, Jam in the Van, & many more. Along with that, Matt is also a touring vinyl DJ under the name DJ Blank Tapes.
“Alternating between dreamy and driving, dappled with delirious solos and seductive harmonies. The Blank Tapes radiated Ultraviolet Californian chords” -Blackmatter blog
“The Blank Tapes cranks out heady, fuzzed-out psychedelic jams that twist, contort, and reach for the stratospheres.” -Impose Magazine
“Evokes Belle and Sebastian, Pavement, and The Black Keys – in a San Fran coffeehouse (just like the old days).” – ROLLING STONE
“’50s and ’60s pop classics with ramshackle warmth.” – SPIN
“Yoke a garage-pop sensibility to ferocious rock riffs.” – THE NEW YORKER
“Perfectly classic sound.” – SF BAY GUARDIAN
“Awesome every time.” – LA WEEKLY