Attention SOC fans. The commencement of Realms will be postponed due to fire sprinkler installation, inspections, and permitting. It will just be a short delay, but unfortunately it is too close to call with the planned schedule of 4/21 and 4/22. We are bummed SOC will not be christening our brand new space but we already have great plans for the future, so stay connected and join us when we open. In righteous fashion, the Boise music community has come to the rescue with Eric Gilbert & Duck Club graciously offering the new Treefort Music Hall for one night on Friday, April 21st! The lineup will be as follows: Dead 2 Rights, Texas Ketamine, Hummingbird of Death, Ingrown, and State of Confusion. Doors will be at 6, first band at 7, SOC on at 11. Tickets are still purchasable through our website, and luckily the larger venue means we can fill even more onto the floor! We here at Realms are still promoting the show and will be joining all of you in the pit! As for entry, if you already purchased any Friday, April 21st tickets, there is no need to do anything, as the list/tickets will be transferred to the Treefort Music Hall. If you purchased any for Saturday, April 22nd, you can get a full refund through Realm's website. You can also shoot us a message if you want your Saturday, April 22nd tickets to be transferred to Friday, April 21st. Thanks again to Eric Gilbert and Duck Club for really bringing the Boise music and arts community together every step of the way.


Hummingbird Of Death

Hummingbird of Death

Texas Ketamine

Dead 2 Rights