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BabyJake is bringing the glamour of the 70’s to modern day. He broke through to listeners in 2019, when his “Cigarettes on Patios” went gold with a millions of streams, gaining much notoriety. Creating a unique mix of influences to develop an entrancing sound, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s loudest influence is his own personality. After a his debut album in 2021 (SB Projects / Republic Records) he created sounds you can’t expect to hear from anyone but him. Along the way, his evocative flare and raspy voice was brought to collaborations with everyone from 24kgoldn, Dillon Francis, Zhu, Lizzy McAlpine and more. Now BabyJake brings to the table a true rock album from an iconic cover of “Best of Burden to an original freedom anthem “We Got To Get Together To Be Free.” His independent album titled “Aren’t We Ever Gonna Be More Than Friends?” comes in July.

Unapologetically himself, and with a cohesive grasp on his sound’s inspirations, you’ll want to sit back and enjoy the show of BabyJake.

Kalena Zanders

Kalena Zanders

Kaleena Zanders’ revolutionary voice and magnetic presence in the dance community are undeniable. A prolific vocalist, songwriter, DJ & entertainer that captivates audiences with her remarkable stage presence, gospel influenced sound and powerhouse vocals comparable to 90’s house artists like CeCe Peniston and Robin S & even Whitney Houston Building on her early success as a standout vocalist amidst dance artists such as Chris Lake, AC Slater, Matroda, Loud Luxury, Breathe Carolina, Moon Boots, Morgan Page, SNBRN and more, Kaleena Zanders established herself as the go to house vocalist and has amassed over 500 million streams across the board and radio support all over the world. Her single “V I B R A T I O N” with Shift K3Y went number one on Billboards Dance/Mix Show Airplay and number one at US Dance Radio and has had regular support from Danny Howard, Charlie Hedges, and Arielle Free at BBC RADIO 1, and Diplo’s “Revolution” on Sirius XM.

Kaleena has released transformative new tracks through almost every notable dance label, Spinnin’, Armada, Anjunabeats, Thrive, Insomniac Records & Dimmak to name a few, eventually signing a deal with Helix Records.

Overall, Kaleena’s mission is to keep creating visibility for people like her, black, queer & a woman with a voice. With a lot of love & care, she hopes that her presence in the dance culture continually helps create a diverse and inclusive space for those whose voices have been suppressed.


Moon Owl’s Mages

Moon Owl’s Mages is a 5 piece psych/ garage rock band from Boise, Idaho. Forming as Jack Ball’s backing band in 2019, the group took a liking to playing covers by artists like OSEES, Tame Impala, King Gizzard, Ty Segall, Coachwhips and other psych outfits. After several shows around town, they decided to accept a new quest; forming Moon Owl’s Mages. First act of business was to write, record, mix and master an album in two week’s time. Birthing their first album, “Skelly Bones and the Flaming Crown”, a concept record about a skeleton and his nemesis. After a hiatus due to COVID, Moon Owl’s Mages are back in business baby! “Kill The Crackle” was released in September of ‘22 and the band describes it as dog beats, psychobilly space prog, Floyd-funk, spooky tunes, biting music and more! So if you like any of those, you might like them!

Sego Press Photo


Sego’s 2nd long player Sego Sucks is woven with the changes of becoming a four-piece band. Originally Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll, the band added members Alyssa Davey on bass and Brandon McBride on guitars and keys in 2018. The sound became more focused, but the raucous spirit that has kept people sweating since the beginning is just as tangible and, dare I say, primal as ever.



Meet Mungo, a true artistic chameleon whose boundless creativity knows no bounds. With a passion for dance, a talent for art and design, and a knack for making music, Mungo is a versatile artist who defies categorization. He is a true polymath, and he proudly describes himself as protean, constantly shape-shifting his creative expression to explore new horizons. Mungo’s musical journey is a fusion of his Malawian roots and the soulful rhythms that have inspired him throughout his life. Drawing from the cultural tapestry of his upbringing, he weaves a unique sound that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth. His music serves as a bridge between contemporary R&B and the traditional African influences that have shaped his identity. With soulful vocals and captivating dance moves, he’s gaining recognition in Boise’s music scene. He is set to release an EP titled, “WISHES” on February 6th, in which he explores humanity and our attachment to hopes and dreams. His heartfelt music and engaging performances promise to leave a lasting impact as he continues to rise as an artist to watch.

The next big anticipated step for the artist is releasing his second album that he has been working on for the past year. He has been working with multiple people in Boise among which are Brenda Francis, Andrew Shepherd, Alex Gamble and others to bring this album to life. With the help of the band that comprises Justin Tam, Scott Eisele, Tessa Ritchey and Aaron Bell, the album is set to share Mungo’s authenticity and vulnerability more anything he has shared before.




An expert weaver of melodic house and uptempo electronic drive, Cdigi pushes each performance to the limits. Creating a palpable tension between artist and audience, they ask for an open mind as many become one within the structure of sound. Beginning as a concert photographer, Cdigi has a unique perspective on what a crowd looks for in a performance. They know how to tap into the intensity of the audience by mixing heavy-hitting breakdowns with a healthy dose of radiant, lively energy that grows and moves with the people on the other side of the deck. By creating an even playing field where up-and-coming artists battle it out with chart toppers in a frantic, pulsating dance, they craft sonic landscapes ready to be traversed at speed. Looking to experience the rush of the crowd? Ready to feel the stage lights in your eyes and the heat of the moment? You need Cdigi.



Jilly.fm is a soulful electronica DJ/Vocalist and Producer. Welcome to the tune up!

((Soul•Juice)) is a genre, a compilation of electronica-jazz-house music that I intentionally curate with positive purpose, and the hope that you feel the magic in the tunes, like I feel. When I’m dancing? We’re all dancing.✨

Former opener for artists including Hayden James, Lion Babe, Kamau, Kill Paris, Illenium, Yuna, The Knocks and Crystal Castles. Multiple festival performances at the Underground Music Showcase (UMS), Westword Music Showcase, Cloak & Dagger Music Festival, Plus63 and Lucidity Festival.

Inspired by Joe Kay (Soulection), French Kiwi Juice (FKJ), Robert Glasper, Janet Jackson, Goldroom, Kaytranada, Sango, Black Coffee, Darius, Kehlani, Fred Again…, Bondax, Robyn, Aretha Franklin.