Hey there, this is Shawn James.
I’ve had way too many writers think they could sum me up & relay what I’m about from an hour long conversation so they could write my “bio” but I’ve had it. Screw that. I’ll tell it in my own words.
I was born & raised In Chicago, Illinois. I grew up on the south side of the city where I attended a gospel church. I was always around a lot of heartfelt soulful music & hardworking, real, down to earth people. Although I no longer abide by any religion, I value the times I had and how they shaped me to be what I am now.
I’ve moved around quite a bit living in all different parts of the US. While absorbing all sorts of different cultures from here & around the world, I’ve developed my own sound.
I started releasing my own music in 2012 and haven’t stopped since. I play a wide range of music from folk to blues, r&b, Gospel to rock, metal & alotta things in between. The main constant amongst all the genres would be that it’s all done with emotion, feeling, heart & a lotta soul. I mean what I say & deeply feel what I play.
I play covers of songs I dig sometimes and although some people may only know me because of those, I’m hardly just a cover artist.
If you come see me play live and expect just one style or aspect of what I do, you may be disappointed to learn that our shows are a roller coaster of emotions, musical styles, intensity & energy. I get bored easily & love to mix things up. Be ready & bring your ear plugs just in case..
I’ve always been the underdog so to speak since I’ve never had the backing of a large record label, big marketing firm or massive PR company & I truly like it that way. I feel as though I’ve earned what I have through hard work, determination, a good bit of luck & the great relationships with people I’ve made along the way. I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way being in this “music business industry” and that’s alright by me. I’ve seen that with your support (the listeners out there) I can make my wildest dreams come true.
If you want to listen to an artist that’s authentic, genuine & original then you’ve come to the right place.
I hope you enjoy the music & will join me on this journey that I’m so extremely grateful to be on. Thank you all so very much.
Shawn James

Gravedancer (2022 03 25 02 34 22 UTC)


Hillbilly, NOT redneck! If you can’t tell the distinction, I prefer moonshine and skinny dipping over Coors Light and Nascar. Banjo’s and fiddles over Kid Rock. Yard full of feral dogs over yard full of rusted motors.
Hailing from the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, I’m traveling the world to lyrically dump out my purse in public. Sometimes on my lonesome, sometimes with the backing band of some friends who are far more talented than me.
Gravedancer is what the music is called,  but ya’ll can call me Baker. The songs I write are generally sad in their nature, but don’t expect anything resembling a serious conversation out of me in person. C’est en sirop, couillon!