Sculpture Club

Years of honing their jagged punk have paid off for Sculpture Club. With sounds like Echo & The Bunnymen meets The Cure, Sculpture Club’s sonic palette has grown. Matched wit inventive songwriting & the addition of acoustic guitars, violins, their chorus-soaked basslines and blown-out leads are a masterful evolution. They speak to the power of community, form & function.

Led by Chaz Costello, Sculpture Club has entered its rightful place as one of America’s most exciting bands. They have had their share of ups and downs since their formation in 2016. Sculpture Club made a name for themselves as party-punks, pure and simple, throwing the kinds of glitter-coated shows that their hometown of Salt Lake City (Now Dallas) had never seen before, and would not soon forget. While cannon-blasting confetti onto crowds at th climax of a set, Sculpture Club was also crafting an “all-in” kind of rock ‘n’ roll that both distinguished them stylistically from other bands in the scene and paved the way for the project to confidently grow and evolve. Core member Chaz Costello generously applied sparkly driving guitar parts and irresistibly thundering drum beats to the foundation of their sound. 2016’s album A Place to Stand is full of riptide bass lines rippling with the sweeping, crashing urgency of post-punk, while also recalling the glamor of classic goth.

On 2021’s Worth, open-hearted melodies lend a tender hue to the songs, making for a Sculpture Club that’s softer around the edges. Even so, their colorful, partying roots are not behind them, but still present in deftly driving guitars that recall glitter on the floor. Meanwhile, the darkly wandering experimentalisms they’ve honed along the way are transformed into a vehicle for Sculpture Club to relax into shimmery melancholy. It’s a deserved —if not momentary—resting posture for a band that’s spent nearly a decade playing the hell out of every stage they’ve chanced to visit.

In the time since that release, Sculpture Club has expanded. A new vision for Sculpture Club has been realized—one where the band finds more complexity by diving into something like delicacy. The band has honed their live performance with their ever-changing lineup of players and released a live album & composition book of their art and music. All while opening for the bands like Xiu Xiu, The Ocean Blue, Tamryn, Riki & Soft Kill and continuing to make new music.

Enigma Machine

Enigma Machine is the solo Dark Wave project of Maxwell Modeen a member of former Phoenix Psychedelic rock band “The Blank Waves”. Enigma Machine applies maximalist lush production to a genre mostly noted for cold, stark minimalism. Dense synthesizers, deep bass and a new wave approach to songwriting are presented with a raw and energetic stage performance.