Psychic Trash

From the basement to the main stage, Max and Sam have been tearing their way through the American rock underground for 13 years dropping albums, touring relentlessly, and rubbing elbows on the festival circuit.

Now they have evolved into a wilder, more raging project PSYCHIC TRASH.

In partnership with Riding Easy Records and Nanotear Booking (the team that brought you Monolord, Blackwater Holylight, and Early Moods), Psychic Trash is ready to unleash its self-titled debut later this year, and shower the earth with a rain of sonic debris, vocal harmonies, massive chords, rumbling drums, and epic vistas of sound.

Fans of Melvins, Lightning Bolt, Osees, Sonic Youth and more, take note! It’s time to dig in to Psychic Trash!

No Can Fly

No Can Fly

No Can Fly is an American rock band formed in Boise ID in 2021. In November 2022 they released their first self-recorded EP called Spider Dreams and shortly after that released a single called Bird Radar. The trio consists of guitar player and word man Tim Gates, bass player Jacob Gates and drummer Lucas Ventura.

No Can Fly makes music that explores different time signatures, heavy sounds and grooves with sometimes less orthodox song structures. They take inspiration from different aspects of music be it 90s alternative, post hardcore, vintage prog-rock as well as lighter indie rock sounds. No can fly, as a band, likes to keep a creative open mind as they continue to evolve their sound and expand their catalog.


Tommy Dirtweed