The Shivas have been called “the hardest working band in show business”. While that is
impossible to measure, it’s also not far from the truth.
Since their humble beginnings as high-school best friends almost two decades ago (the band
formed in 2006), they have been grinding away tour after tour – visiting over 25 countries – and
album after album – this is their 10th LP. Their sound has always evolved as they have grown,
and worked with different labels and producers, but it has always stayed true to the psychedelic
vision those kids had years ago at the very beginning.
They say their new album Can’t Stop Coming Around (Tender Loving Empire Records) is their
favorite, and represents their sound the best of any in their discography. It makes sense
considering they recorded it themselves at their home studio ‘FFF’ in Portland, Oregon. Teaming
up with Collin Hegna (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Federale – someone the band has worked
with on and off since 2010), they say this is the closest they’ve ever come to hitting the bullseye
in the studio.
Now with Can’t Stop Coming Around slated for release this summer, the band will embark on
tours of Europe (one in June and another in September), then in the USA hitting the West Coast
in July and August, and the East Coast later this fall.
As a group that has always tried to lead with honesty and to shake off any airs of pretense, The
Shivas have come into their own. They know who they are, and here they are showing us
clearly that they’re not slowing down any time soon.

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