POTW Press Alt Bw 2023 2024

A Pink Floyd Retrospective: Tour 2023-2024
“…(Pigs on the Wing) is fearless when experimenting with sound in the proper
temperament of psychedelia” – David Victor, TOP TEN PINK FLOYD
“Capturing what made Pink Floyd iconic is a hard thing to do, and Pigs on the
Wing comes as close as anyone we’ve heard. That looming mystique, that
inscrutable grandiosity……Those qualities are alive and well with Pigs on the Wing.”
– Adam McKinney, OLY ARTS 5/10/17
From its garage-rock roots in 2006 as a one-off show, to full album productions and performing for
thousands of fans each year, Portland Oregon-based Pigs on the Wing has built a loyal following
dedicated to the band’s high-energy take on Pink Floyd’s music. All members of Pigs on the Wing
are seasoned veterans of the Pacific NW rock scene and are unapologetic in bringing their
wide-ranging musical influences to the table. Setting the band aside from other tribute rock acts,
Pigs on the Wing balances a decidedly un-tribute-like attitude towards the music with precision to
detail and a deep understanding of the importance of Pink Floyd’s music in many fans’ lives.
Amongst the band’s accomplishments, Pigs on the Wing has in recent years featured full album
performances of The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall and was
recently ranked the #4 Pink Floyd tribute worldwide. None are bigger fans of the work of Pink
Floyd than the members of Pigs on the Wing themselves, a dedication which has been foremost in
the band’s approach since the very beginning.
Pigs on the Wing’s 2023-2024 tour, “A Pink Floyd Retrospective”, will feature a meticulously curated
collection of the very best of classic-era Pink Floyd cuts organized into 2 distinct sets. Rather than
performing a single album from start to end, expect to hear the band focus on their favorite sections
of the classic albums, including hits, deep cuts, and the band’s trademark willingness to explore the
sonic space in experimental improvisation. Concert-goers can expect an immersive visual show in a
don’t-miss event for any Pink Floyd fan!
Pigs on the Wing is: Eric Welder (bass / vocals); Matt Jones ( keys / vocals); Bryan Fairfield ( drums);
Holly Brooks ( vocals); Dave Lindenbaum ( guitar / vocals) Jason Baker ( guitar / vocals); Matt
Sulikowski (sax)