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Juliette Pearl Davis and Joachim Polack aren’t just musical collaborators – they’re also life partners. As Pearl & the Oysters, they make songs that speak to eclectic tastes in music and pop culture; as Juju and Jojo, they’re kindred spirits. What began as a high-school friendship in Paris blossomed into a creative and personal relationship that has spanned decades and continents.

In another life, Juliette and Joachim made pop music in Paris but when the opportunity arose, the pair skipped town for the U.S. After four years immersed in the open-minded DIY scene of Gainesville, Florida, Pearl & The Oysters headed to Los Angeles, where they connected with artists including Mild High Club and Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab, and finished up their new record, Coast 2 Coast.

Coast 2 Coast draws on this experience for its colorful cocktail of sounds: the swamps of Florida and sandy L.A. beaches under a mirrorball sun; a radio picking up a faraway broadcast before tuning into an oldies pop station; crashing waves that melt into the sound of Juliette’s white noise machine. It documents Juliette and Joachim’s move across the U.S. and the unfamiliar feeling of being settled, having found a “sense of ‘home’ in one another.” Coast 2 Coast is out 21 April on Stones Throw.

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Teal Pop

Teal Pop first emerged from the cosmos in 2019 when longtime friends and collaborators Marina Aguerre (Dream CreaseSpaceface) and Lionel Wlliams (Vinyl Williams) embarked on a moonlit pilgrimage to reveal sonic expressions from deep within. 
 With their enchanting melodies and ethereal lyrics, the Los Angeles-based duo effortlessly transports audiences to a world where modern psychedelia meets sunshine pop. At the heart of Teal Pop’s sound lies Aguerre’s dreamy vocals and groovy basslines, which glide effortlessly over Williams’ celestial synths, jangly guitar and sun-drenched rhythmic patterns. 
 Teal Pop’s mission is to embrace “melancholy bliss” – the exquisite state of joy in sadness, of acceptance in death, and the beauty of being just a blip in the universe. Embark on a journey with Teal Pop and let their mind-expanding arrangements take you to a place where time and space merge in a vibrant kaleidoscope of sound. 
 – Mic Gradstein