Never Come Down

Weaving together modern and traditional styles of American music, Never Come Down is a Portland, Oregon based 5-piece composed of Joe Suskind (guitar), Crystal Lariza (vocals), Brian Alley (banjo), Kaden Hurst (mandolin), and Ben Ticknor (bass). Their dedication to thoughtful songwriting and dynamic arrangements highlight polished technical skills and a commitment to listening to each other. Formed in 2018, the band released their self-titled debut that year and their second album “Better Late Than Never” followed in 2021. They’ve toured internationally and have found acclaim at festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, John Hartford Memorial Fest, Americanafest, FreshGrass and RockyGrass.

David Henry Band

David Henry

Keeping Americana alive in an Indie Rock world, David Henry Band brings elements of country, folk, and rock. Three-part harmonies, ascended guitar leads, a driving rhythm section, and fiery songwriting make this band a must see. They deliver passionate and unbridled performances that are unmistakably David Henry. The fellows that make it all happen are David Henry, Neal Goldberg, Ty Clayton, Todd Sprague and “Pops” Lyle Evans.