Neptune Moon

Neptune Moon helps define the Boise scene with a single chord, a rebellious melody, and a heartfelt love for music.

July of 2022, local Idahoan and drummer Alex Nielebeck conceived this project with the hopes of playing local shows and writing a few songs. He had been writing songs and performing since he was 16 years old, but he felt there was something missing from his music. He met up with lead singer Micah Crosby to do an “improv jam session” at the Boise Hive. Out of that well sprung a few songs and a strong musical connection.

Wanting to add a little spice to this recipe, Nielebeck called up a few of the best musicians he knows: guitar player Jacob Wilcoxson and Looom guitarist/bassist Alex Gamble. Wilcoxson and Crosby had mostly metal backgrounds, which darkened up the sound a little. Add that to the already-existing punk and indie influence from Gamble and Nielebeck and you get the unique blend that is Neptune Moon.

The band released their debut single Way Out in October 2022. They have played various local shows and have stolen the hearts of many music lovers of all genres.

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Sumara is an original rock band out of boise idaho. Band members include: Dylan Shotwell (on guitar and vocals) and Rachel Raftery (on vocals and keyboard synth). Sound influences include: Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Alice in Chains. Sumara has heavy guitar riffs, trippy synth, with electronic drums, and haunting harmonies.

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Psychedelic Sex Funk from Heaven