Mustard Service

Hey hi hello, Mustard Service here. We are a group of five boys from Miami, Florida just looking for a good time.

Sitting On Stacy

Sitting On Stacy

We are a three piece WACK rock band from Southern California. We are not related but we look pretty
darn close. We enjoy making music and spending our free time petting goats!

Where it all began:
Hoyt, Kyle, and Trevor all met at a performance-based rock music school when they were in elementary
school. While in college they grew their following in San Diego. Their focus on, and love of, music fuels
the success they’ve had with Sitting On Stacy.

How’d they get their name?
The boys started out as “Paper”. People searching for them on the internet would find great deals at
Office Depot and Staples but couldn’t find them easily. They needed to find a unique name. They spent
months tossing suggestions around. One day Hoyt woke up having dreamed about doing a show and
that they’d been introduced as Sitting On Stacy. They thought it was pretty funny but the more they
joked about it the more it stuck.

Does the goat logo have significance?
The logo is of Rosa, a Grand Champion Doe from Hoyt’s 4H days of showing goats. While all of his goats
have passed away, Rosa gets a place of honor as the goat you see on much of SOS merchandise and
their logo.