Meet Mungo, a true artistic chameleon whose boundless creativity knows no bounds. With a passion for dance, a talent for art and design, and a knack for making music, Mungo is a versatile artist who defies categorization. He is a true polymath, and he proudly describes himself as protean, constantly shape-shifting his creative expression to explore new horizons. Mungo’s musical journey is a fusion of his Malawian roots and the soulful rhythms that have inspired him throughout his life. Drawing from the cultural tapestry of his upbringing, he weaves a unique sound that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth. His music serves as a bridge between contemporary R&B and the traditional African influences that have shaped his identity. With soulful vocals and captivating dance moves, he’s gaining recognition in Boise’s music scene. He is set to release an EP titled, “WISHES” on February 6th, in which he explores humanity and our attachment to hopes and dreams. His heartfelt music and engaging performances promise to leave a lasting impact as he continues to rise as an artist to watch.

The next big anticipated step for the artist is releasing his second album that he has been working on for the past year. He has been working with multiple people in Boise among which are Brenda Francis, Andrew Shepherd, Alex Gamble and others to bring this album to life. With the help of the band that comprises Justin Tam, Scott Eisele, Tessa Ritchey and Aaron Bell, the album is set to share Mungo’s authenticity and vulnerability more anything he has shared before.




wins, an alternative hip-hop/R&B/soul artist based in Boise, Idaho, has been making subtle waves since the reemergence of his solo artist journey fall 2023. wins is looking to inspire anyone that listens with his authentic delivery & real life perspectives through his music. With the release of his recent single “been different”, along with more music on the way monthly, wins is quickly establishing his presence in the music scene as a melodic & relatable high level lyricist.



Just an artist having fun with new sounds and vibrations. Bringing a different soul snatching experiencing to those who listen. Been DJing for 2 years and my sound continues to change. I have found love in the Afro Latin space, which is very spiritual to me!