Mo Lowda WXPN

Mo Lowda & the Humble are a self-produced indie rock band hailing from Philadelphia. Theband just finished up their fourth LP, to be self-titled and released March 3, 2023 with fivesingles leading up. Since releasing their debut album in 2013, they’ve vastly expanded thesonic exploration of their recorded material whilst developing a dialed-in, yet energetic live showthrough persistent touring. In turn, they’ve built a ravenous and loyal following across thecountry, selling out clubs and theaters throughout the US each year. Mo Lowda’s upcomingself-titled album is their most versatile and ambitious work yet. It visits some previouslyuncharted sonic territory for the band, while still providing the thoughtful, creative songwritingtheir fans have grown to love. Visit www.molowda.com for all tickets.


Desert Noises

Hailing from Provo Utah, Desert Noises has been touring extensively throughout the years playing major festivals and venues of all sizes. After a brief hiatus, the band is back on the road, in the studio, and ecstatic to continue their journey that started over a decade ago. This extended break led the band into individual artist projects and tours with other groups such as Cage the Elephant, RayLand Baxter, Liz Cooper & the Stampede, Wild Child, Harpooner, Dove & the Wolf, and Microwave Mountain.

They are in the final process of a new full-length album that they recorded in their relocated home of Nashville, TN with Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses). It’s a new and yet familiar sound, echoing the spatial landscapes of ‘Mountain Sea’ and the visceral growl in ‘27 Ways’ but with obvious tales of change and growth from singer-songwriter Kyle Henderson. There’s no telling how high this mountain is that they are climbing, but for three friends from the desert, climbing is what makes them feel at home.

Desert Noises is Kyle Henderson (vocals, guitar), Tyler Osmond (bass, vocals), and Brennan Allen (drums, vocals)