Misery Signals has been a band for 22 years, essentially half of our lives. It’s afforded
us the privilege of sharing stages with bands we admire, who have inspired us. We’ve
forged lifelong friendships with many we’ve encountered on the road. The responses
we’ve received while performing onstage, coupled with the personal sentiments shared
with us offstage, have made these 22 years some of the most cherished moments of
our collective lives.
We are eternally grateful for all the support this band has received, and we will never
take it for granted. It’s time for us to close this chapter of our lives and explore new
opportunities individually. We didn’t want to conclude this journey without giving our
supporters a proper chance to say goodbye. The “Blood is Forever, Love is Forever
Farewell Tour” will signify the end of Misery Signals.
A Farewell Tour wouldn’t feel complete without our brother, Karl Schubach. These final
shows will feature career-spanning sets with both Jesse Zaraska and Karl Schubach
performing songs from their respective Misery Signals albums. We’re eagerly
anticipating seeing you all one last time.
Blood is Forever, Love is Forever – Mis Sigs


Witness Chamber



In this day and age, there are very few artists who stare their scene in the face and ignore all of its expectations. Trench explores uncharted territory with their bold sonic signature, brooding aura, and a penchant to wage an all-out war with their music. 

Setting the bar high with their debut record “Condition”(2017), Trench paved themselves a notably unique lane in both hardcore and nu-metal genres. Not stopping there and taking their sound to even further extremes, “The Gift of Guilt”(2019) was a testament to Trench’s ability to reinvent themselves with each release. The 3 song behemoth experimented with synthesis, ambient post-metal soundscapes, and captured the pain of loss while embracing the hardest truths in life. 

Throughout these two releases, Trench’s unrelenting aggression and extensive touring brought them international recognition, and has allowed them to share the stage with bands such as Misery Signals, Integrity, Harm’s Way, and Comeback Kid. Blending their previous styles with far more avant-garde song arrangements, Trench takes us to a place where we are left contemplating our inner demons, trapped under the weight of our absence in the present moment.


Foreign Hands

Foreign Hands makes chaotic and melodic music with passionate devotion. Acolytes of the early 2000s metalcore sound, the Delaware-and-Pennsylvania-bred band injects the style with fresh innovation. Foreign Hands’ raucous sound, high-energy live shows, and carefully crafted visual aesthetic summon the best of the beloved style with reverence and iconoclasm, forging their own identity.

As audiences have witnessed via tours with like-minded bands, including Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Dying Wish, and Boundaries, Foreign Hands doesn’t do anything halfway. The spirited fire of that live show combines with technical and catchy bombast on 2024’s What’s Left Unsaid. Foreign Hands’ full-length debut arrived with power, authenticity, and extraordinary creative chaos. It’s their second collaboration with producer Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Vein.fm, Body Count).

“As far as Y2K-style metalcore goes, there might not be a more promising band right now than Foreign Hands,” wrote Brooklyn Vegan, who included both the Lucid Noise and Bleed the Dream EPs on their list of Best Punk Releases of 2022. “[They make] raw, heavy, dramatic metalcore that sounds just like you remember it sounding in 2000, with a freshness that makes it sound better today.” The praise was similarly enthusiastic from Rock Sound, Stereogum, No Echo, and Veil of Sound.

As Brooklyn Vegan passionately advised: “If you’re not on the Foreign Hands train yet, hop on now.”

– Ryan J. Downey